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We are Brenda & Carol Tavares. Two cousins born in our beloved Bahia, a magnificent state in the northeast of Brazil. I had to tell you about this detail because, first, we are very proud of it and second, because it is there, in Bahia, where the clothes you may order in this online store, are made. Manually, with care, trying to respect our environment as more as possible, with high quality fabrics that are also part of our culture and of course, supporting in that way our local community, building respectful mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with our factories and suppliers.

We grew up watching our grandmother Glafira sewing clothes for the women of our society and since them we are both passionate about the creation process and how happy each woman feels wearing a beautiful, comfortable and also empowering dress. Carol & I used to wear each other's clothes very often. Well, we still do it when we are together. We have a very similar taste, and that's also the reason why we decided to board into this adventure together. 

I live in Europe since 2008. Between Italy & Switzerland. Two places that I love and totally influenced in my decisions to create charming but timeless pieces, focused in the quality (our products are handmade in 100% linen). I will assist you in the EU market. Carol lives in Salvador, her years of work in the fashion industry is essencial for our business. She will assist you in the Brazilian market.

The brand name is inspired by the African culture that pulses still strong in Bahia. The meaning of it is like the life we live in our physical world, which reflects the spiritual world. And it is how we wish you will feel wearing our clothes: alive, happy, connected to the here & now with care for our mother land.

The materials we use in our tags, mailing envelopes and shopping bags are eco friendly, we really want to make fashion more sustainable.

Now that you know us better, I hope you will enjoy even more your purchase experience. Have fun, and if you need any support, just reach out!


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